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TechGuy4u is pleased to announce our Windows and Mac book keyboard shortcuts sticker are now available for sale. Our keyboard shortcuts sticker is a great tool for anyone who uses Windows or Mac. These handy stickers let you quickly see the keyboard shortcut for common tasks in Windows or Mac book. The keyboard shortcuts are right at your fingertips with our Mac/ Windows keyboard shortcuts sticker!

Our vinyl keyboard shortcuts stickers come in two sizes: large or small and Both sizes comes in Transparent and White with Black text.

The Mac / Windows keyboard shortcuts stickers are also alphabetized by task, so you can easily find the keyboard shortcut for the task to perform. The keyboard shortcuts focus on common tasks in Windows / Mac os. The table below shows the keyboard shortcuts that appear on our sticker. To learn more details about our keyboard shortcuts sticker or buy it, please visit our keyboard shortcuts sticker product page.

Why do you need this?
Our stickers are perfect if you struggle to remember shortcuts, providing convenient access right at your fingertips. They help you work better, faster, and smarter.

Why choose TechGuy4u?

We are TechGuy4u, the pioneer of computer shortcut stickers. Our stickers have revolutionized human-computer interaction, offering a way to help people quickly access shortcuts across different programs when they need them most. We proudly design and manufacture all stickers in-house in the India, fusing professional design with masterful craftsmanship. Our customers rave about TechGuy4u stickers, calling them, “lifesavers”.

Invented during the 2020 pandemic lock-down, the TechGuy4u shortcuts are always up-to-date and our special laminated vinyl will not leave sticky residue when removed.

Why do we love what we do?
Our passion for learning and helping others drives us to support users all around the globe and in your home and office.

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