Mac OS (M+Intel) + Word/Excel (for Mac) Stickers



TechGuy4u Mac OS (M/Intel) + Word/Excel (for Mac) Quick Reference Keyboard Shortcut Stickers – for MacBook Air/Pro/iMac/Mac/Mini


💻TechGuy4u MacOS+Word+Excel Reference Keyboard Shortcut Stickers
Your TechGuy4u Essential Shortcuts Sticker is an accurate, comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts that you need. It contains a list of shortcuts for any Mac OS, including Big Sur, and fits easily on the bottom corner of your Macbook so you can quickly look down and read it. It is perfect for the beginner who wants to learn how to use their Macbook and save time by having the key Macbook shortcuts at their fingertips. Designed by TechGuy4u , the sticker is made of military-grade waterproof vinyl and is more durable and convenient than a printout of the shortcuts.
💻Convenience At Your Fingertips
Are you looking to increase your productivity or simply want to learn how to use your shiny new Macbook like a pro? Having the most essential MacOS+Word+Excel shortcuts in front of you will help you quickly learn the ins and outs of your Mac. Whether for business or personal use, you’ll be able to easily navigate and operate your Mac computer so that you can work faster and smarter.
💻Perfect For Learning Your Macbook
If you have a new Macbook and want to learn how to use it like a pro, this sticker is for you! You’ll have the shortcuts right in front of you, so you can learn and memorize them without having to look them up or print them out. You’ll be using your Mac computer like a pro with the Mac OS Reference Keyboard Shortcut Sticker.
💻 ✔️ EVERY ESSENTIAL SHORTCUT – With the TechGuy4u OS Reference Keyboard Shortcut Sticker, you have the most important shortcuts conveniently placed right in front of you. Easily learn new shortcuts and always be able to quickly lookup commands without the need to “Google” it.
💻 ✔️ Work FASTER and SMARTER – Quick tips at your fingertips! This tool makes it easy to learn how to use your computer much faster and makes your workflow increase exponentially. It’s perfect for any age or skill level, students or seniors, at home, or in the office.
💻 ✔️ From BASIC to ADVANCED – Whether you are a seasoned computer professional or a beginner, the TechGuy4u Sticker will save you both time and frustration, guaranteed! You can easily reach a new level of computer proficiency using our convenient and affordable sticker.
💻 ✔️ Includes M1 chip and INTEL STARTUP COMMANDS! Compatible with the new 2020 Macbooks Pro and Air models A2337 and A2338 as well as all previous 13″ and larger models.
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Weight 0.50 g
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 1 cm

Transparent Sticker with black color printing


White Sticker with Black color Printing


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