Return Policy

We will be more than happy to accommodate you with any returns that you may have.

Any tangible product excluding any form of software purchased from TechGuy4u is granted a thirty (15) day return from the sale date of that item for a full refund not including the price for shipping and a 15% restocking fee. You may also opt to exchange the item.


Free shipping may be added to your purchase and TechGuy4u adds free shipping to save our customer’s money. In the event of an item return request the actual cost to ship the item is not able to be refunded.

We do not pay for return shipping of the item you have purchased, but your item must be returned to us to receive a refund based on the terms and conditions of the purchased item.

Given the nature of digital items not being able to physically be returned there can be no return what so ever. All sales are final when purchasing a digital item.


If you have any problem with a digital item that you have purchased then please contact us so we can fix any problems you may have.

Software is no longer accepted for returns due to high amounts of people copying the software onto their computer and then returning the discs or flash drives for full refunds. Given the nature that software can easily be copied onto a computer makes this type of product absolutely no longer accepted to be returned and no refund will be given. All sales are final when purchasing any software from TechGuy4u.