Computer Repair

  • Your computer won't start?

                We can get it working for you. We will determine whether it is a hardware or software problem and replace the hardware or fix the damaged software file.

  • Your computer crashes?

                Usually this is a software problem but could possibly be due to your hardware. Let us duplicate the problem to determine what the cause is and then resolve it for you.

  • Hardware Installation

                We can suggest new hardware that will meet your needs and expectations and install it for you. It may be cheaper and better to simply buy a new computer all together. We can find the right computer at the best price


Lost Data Recovery

  • Did you accidentally erase important data or is it lost on a bad disk drive?

                We have software tools that can recover most of erased or lost data due to disk drive failures. This software can often get data off of a disk drive even when Windows won't recognize it.


Spyware and Virus Removal

  • Spyware scan and removal

                We can install software that will scan and remove spyware and continue to protect your computer from future attacks.

  • Virus scan and removal

                We can install software that will scan and remove viruses and continue to protect your computer from future attacks.

  • Spyware or Virus removal software didn't work

                We can manually remove spyware and viruses and get your system working again. If the damage is too severe we can get your important data out of the computer and reinstall Windows for a fresh start.



  • The Advantages

                Share one internet connection and a printer among all your computers. Share files and software between your computers. Play games against others on other computers in your home in games that support LAN play                 (Most pc games that have online play are also LAN games).

  • Wired Networking

                Faster and more secure than wireless networks this might be the better choice for you. We can help you determine what is best for your situation.

  • Wireless Networking

                Network were wires won't reach or get mobile with your laptop. We can set you up with what you need to make it fast and most importantly secure. Most home users who set up their own wireless networks are vulnerable                 to any one with a laptop within a block of their wireless router. This is because they do not know how to set up the security features on their computers or network equipment.

  • Network Security

                Do you have a firewall to protect your computer from the internet? If you don't or you don't know then you really need my help. Especially if you are connected to an always on broadband connect (DSL or cable). We can                 install software or better yet we can set you up with a router with a built in firewall to protect all the computers on your network.


Performance Tuning

  • Software Tuning

                  Let us upgrades your computers performance by removing unused and junk software. When you buy a computer it is loaded with software that most people never use. Some of these programs run in the background                   every time you start your computer even though they are not in use. Just look down at the right of your task bar. Do you know what all those little icons are for? Or how about your desktop (the pictures and icons that are                   visible when all your programs are closed), do you know what each of those icons are for? We can examine your computer to determine what is junk and what should be eliminated. We can also identify good software                   that you may have missed that could be making you more productive.

  • Windows Settings and Customization

                    We are experts in customizing Windows XP. Is the text on your computer screen so small that you can hardly read it or so big that it takes up to much space? Are your Icons to large? Would you like to change your                     screen saver, background wallpaper picture, or the colors and text of Windows itself? We can show how to do all that and much more! Let us pass or knowledge on to you so you can get the most out of your computer.



  • Computer Hardware Upgrades

                We can help make your computer run faster or add capabilities. In many cases we can suggest upgrades to make you computer more powerful for less money than buying a new one. If it makes more sense to buy a new                 one, we can help you find which is right for you at the right price. Either way we can help you to make the best decision.

  • Computer Software Upgrades

                We can help you to find the best software to do what you need it to do. We can install it for you and make sure it is working perfectly. We will make sure you know how to use the software and we will even walk you through                 the installation so you can do it yourself the next time.



  • Let us help you make the right decision when buying computer hardware or software

                We can use our expertise to help find the right hardware or software you need at the right price. We shop the market regularly and know what you should be paying for computer equipment.


Web Development

  • Let us help you build or better a web site.

                We do web development which means we can make you a web site form scratch including helping you to get a web address (example ), finding hosting (a company that stores you web site on                 their computer network for the public to access), or making your existing web site better. If you like this website then you like our work already. If you are looking for something flashier with lots of animation and sounds                 then we have a relationship with a web specialist who is very capable and can help you.